litsea [lit - see - ah]  uplifliting // positive // energizing

Welcome to 28 Litsea ( formerly Splurge Skincare).  Over the last eight years, my goal as a formulator has been to create high quality, effective, products that are affordable and, most importantly, free of harmful chemicals.  As more and more people embrace a clean living philosophy, I am inspired to not only create products that empower healthy self-care rituals, but a brand that incorporates mind, body, and wellness.  

I am so grateful to have you on this journey with me. While this rebrand involves changes to the design and packaging, the formulas you know and love remain the same. I am still creating each and every clean-ingredient batch by hand.  And in the spirit of rebirth, along with the new look, you will find a new body oil creation in two intoxicating scents that I can't wait for you to experience.  Stay tuned for more product releases throughout the year!

Just a note, in this warm weather the natural ingredients in some of our products can feel the heat.  When you receive your package, just give it a chance to sit in a cool location before opening.  


Christine, Owner


Design & illustration by Rebecca Reitz  / Photography by Hannah Guthman